Monday, February 8, 2016

Pros and Cons or Listening to Music

Pros and Cons of Listening to Music.

What's up guys? How ya doing? In this next blog post I am going to tell you some pros and cons of listening to music. If you love music, like me, you know that there are MANY pros... but cons on the other hand. Those are hard to find. But, I tried my best to find some. So without further or do lets get into this. I hope you like it!


  • It can help you sleep 
"Listening to classical music has been shown to effectively treat insomnia in college students, making it a safe, cheap alternative to sleep-inducing meds"("Greatist") 
  • It can motivate you
 "Listening to music may help people run faster, boost their workout motivation, and enhance their endurance"("Greatist")  
  • It can increase workout endurance
"Listening to those top workout tracks can boost physical performance and increase endurance during a tough exercise session" ("Greatist")  
  • It can reduce stress
 "Research has found that listening to music can relieve stress" ("Greatist") 

  • It can relieve symptoms of depression
"When you’re feeling down in the dumps, music can help pick you up"("Greatist")  
  • It can reduce anxiety
 "One study found that music’s effect on anxiety levels is similar to the effect of getting a massage"("Greatist") 

  • It can help you express your feelings when you can't 
"A 2013 study found that music helped put people in a better mood and get in touch with their feelings."("Greatist") 


  • It can damage your ears if your are listening to it loudly.
"Listening to loud music a lot can cause the same kind of damage, especially if headphones or ear buds are used."(Kids Health)
  • It can keep you from concentrating.
"Impaired performances Lack of concentration with the wrong music Diminishing cognitive abilities."(Kids Health)
  • Keeps Children from the truth 
For some who oppose music censorship, they say they do not agree with hiding reality from people, especially children. By censoring music, they think it keeps the children from learning the truth about life."(ConnectUS) 
  • Some of it has foul language and that can cause your children to use foul language also.
  • Some lyrics talk about things that are not true and that can cause your kid to believe the wrong things.
  • It can lead your kid to make wrong decisions. 
Hey there again!! Sooo.... How did you like it? Let me know how I did. Were there any mistakes?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Top 5 best songs of 2016

Top 5 best songs

In this next blog post, I'm going to tell you a list of the best songs of 2016.  Starting from 1 being the best and most popular and 5 being good but not the greatest.  Also, I recommend these songs for anyone.  I hope you like my second blog post.

  1. The first song that I am going to tell you a little about is "Sorry" by Justin Beiber.  Justin Beiber has become a lot more popular since he made his new hit album "Purpose". Justin states "I think putting out a song saying I'm sorry kinda puts the finishing icing on the cake and I'm ready to just move on." He's basically trying to say that he is done with all the things he's dealing with.  He is just ready to move on as he says.  
  2. The second song is "Hello" by Adele.  Adele has also became a lot more popular with her new hit song "Hello" lots of people love this song but also lots of people make fun of this song and then make what is called a parody.  Adele states "The meaning on my song "Hello" isn't about reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend. "Hello" is about reconnecting with myself. " She's basically saying that she has lost herself and this song represents her finding herself again.
  3. The third song I'm going to tell you a little about is "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes. Shawn Mendes states "I have a hard time letting her go, every where I go I always think of her shes been on my mind ever sense we split." He wrote this song thinking of his ex. His favorite lyrics in that song are "Needle and the thread gotta get you out of my head get you out of my head" I think these are his favorite lyrics because he thinks of her so much and he just wants to forget about her and move on like she has.
  4. The fourth song that I'm going to tell you a little about is "Hotline Bling" by Drake. Drake states, "She only called me when she wanted to.  It was never a solid relationship. Always on and off, she probably even cheated on me a few times.  It all good though." What Drake is trying to say is, this song is about his ex.  He made this song about a few feelings that he had. Like the main words in his song are "you used to call me on my cellphone" His ex would only call him when she needed or wanted something so Drake decided it was best for them to split. After they split, he made this song. He put all his feelings into the song and made "Hotline Bling" 

Friday, January 8, 2016

First post 

Hey there! Welcome to my "Music Speaks for you" blog! I hope that you enjoy reading this! My name is MaAliyah. I love music so much! I have always loved music sense as far back as 

can remember. Music is a big part of my everyday life.
I started this blog to show people how much I love and enjoy music. I listen to music almost every day. I listen to music while I'm doing homework, cleaning the house and many other things.

The learner profile trate that I would connect music to is, Open-Minded. When listening to music you have to be Open-Minded about the different genres of music.

I like R&B music mostly but I also like different genres too. I hate country music though.
Tell me how I did on my first blog. What type of music do you listen to? And what type of music do you like?